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Over 16 years we have served our customers considering their wishes. Stella Polaris Adventures have the widest range of naturebased products in north- east Lapland to offer to You. In addition of activities, our guests can reserve transportations, accommodations, meals, congress rooms - everything from us and we’re at Your service throughout the whole year! We make also tailor made programs considering the wishes from the customers. At Your service Stella Polaris Adventures Ruka-Kuusamo & Stella Polaris Adventures Posio!

Besides experiences, the safety of our guests during the safaries is very important to us. We base all our actions on trustworthy and professional guides, personal guide, first-class equipment - these are the keys to memorable, and above all, safe experiences. We keep on renewing our equipment, services and products continually.

We also have wilderness camps, which are made of local massive logs, and provide unique surroundings for relaxation in the middle of the nature. There is a traditional Finnish smoke sauna in camp, likewise dining room with fireplace. We have all the best Lappish delicacies to serve to our guests - having a dinner like this by a fireplace made of natural stone will make your day unforgettable.

Stella Polaris Adventures have been granted a certificate of safe river rafting activity in Finland.
DMC Destination Management Company

Welcome to Lapland, the magic of wilderness!



Stella Polaris Adventures

Ruka- Kuusamo, winter
Rukanriutta 9
93825 Rukatunturi FIN

Ruka- Kuusamo, summer
Juumantie 134, Retkietappi
93999 Kuusamo FIN

Mailing address
Sompatie 2
93825 Rukatunturi FIN

Kiririnteentie 1
97900 Posio FIN

+358 (0)40 8433 425



Vimeo Ruka KusamoRuka Kusamo